Breed Review: Pekingese (19 Pics)

#10 Due to the fact that the Pekingese is sensitive to pain and does not have much patience, he is unlikely to become a friend for children.

The dog is indifferent to games and noisy companies, and the need to obey someone simply infuriates him. In addition, the fragile constitution does not leave the animal a chance of salvation if one of your heirs accidentally steps on it or hugs it too tightly.

#11 The difficult-to-educate, un-trainable Pekingese is perhaps the most common cliché among fans of the breed.

Yes, "palace dogs" are headstrong and selfish, but it is quite possible to instill in them the norms of etiquette. The only thing is that you will have to change the tactics of behavior. In particular, the harshness and pressure will not ride with the Pekingese, so get out of the habit of yelling at the pet that refuses to follow the command. But the breed is responsive to outright flattery, so praise the four-footed student even for the slightest success: it's not difficult for you, but for a dog, it is an incentive.

#12 Persistence and perseverance in teaching a Pekingese is indispensable.

Get your dog to do the exercises, but act with affectionate persuasion without resorting to direct orders. The pet must at all costs fulfill your demand: immediately, in ten minutes or in half an hour, but it must. In general, the behavior of the Pekingese clearly shows condescension towards a person. A dog may sincerely adore a one and only owner, but this will not prevent her from using him for her own purposes. If the animal is in no hurry to pick up the toy you threw, do not try to bring it yourself, otherwise, you will not notice how you will find yourself in the pet's role as an errand boy.

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