Breed Review: Pekingese (19 Pics)

#13 A special danger is fraught with adolescence, which in Pekingese puppies begins already at the 5th month of life.

During this period of "breaking" of character, the Pekingese becomes frankly uncontrollable, does not want to learn anything, and systematically tests the owner's patience. This does not mean that the pet should be left alone and wait for it to mature. On the contrary, you should force the teenager to exercise with renewed vigor. If the puppy realizes that the owner is happy to let his pranks on the brakes, as he grows up, he is unlikely to treat him more respectfully. Of course, the Pekingese will not dare to encroach on the "throne" of the head of the family, but from time to time they will disregard the requirements of the household.

#14 When it comes to training methods, there are no specific programs for Pekingese.

In fact, they are not needed, since the standard teaching methods for representatives of this breed also work well. The only "but": big-eyed pussies do not really respect teams. But on the other hand, most of the techniques from the same OKD will never be useful to Pekingese. So leave the drill and blind obedience to the shepherd dogs, concentrating on bringing up endurance in the ward. In particular, from the first months of life, disaccustom the dog to pick up treats accidentally left by someone from the ground, help the animal get used to the idea that walking on a leash is not a punishment, but a pleasant pastime. In general, explain the rules and phenomena that are new to the Pekingese so that he understands their importance and necessity.

#15 Despite the pretentious past, in ordinary life, Pekingese are not so spoiled people, and they need no more attributes of comfort than any other decorative breed.

So, for example, a bed for a puppy should not be any special and super warm. An ordinary blanket, laid in a corner, where drafts are not blown out, is enough. Where the Pekingese do not belong, it is near the heating devices, near which it is so easy for the short-nosed, dressed in fluffy fur coats, "Chinese people" to overheat. By the way, do not try to shove the baby's mattress into the most "remote" place in the apartment. For normal development, the puppy needs to be in contact with the owner, well, or at least from time to time to look at him from his bed. From the compulsory dog belongings, the Pekingese will need two bowls (preferably made of stainless steel), a leash with a collar, absorbent diapers, and a litter tray with filler. Animals need toys, but you should not overwhelm the dog with them. A pair of tweeters is enough and it is desirable that these were not balls that the Pekingese, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the jaws, cannot grasp.

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