Breed Review: Pharaoh Hound (17 Pics)

In order to have a pet that will become a good friend and companion in any business, a special approach is required. If this is a dog, then you need to try to properly study all its features. For example, when it comes to the Pharaoh dog, you can be sure that it will be kind and lovingly treat not only you but also your children.

#1 These dogs are very graceful and majestic in appearance, but at the same time they are pure in heart and kind.

#2 According to some historical data, this is the dog of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Dogs of this breed are distinguished by strength and endurance, as evidenced by their appearance alone.

#3 The body of the dog is medium in size, muscular, flexible and very powerful.

Males are slightly larger than females, but this is not very noticeable. On average, a dog can reach a height at the withers of 55-63 cm and weighs only 18-27 kg.

The head is long, very wedge-like, and located on a fairly long neck. The ears are large, long, but hard and erect. The nose is large enough, usually colored in the color of the dog's body - either flesh or red.

The eyes are small, have a light golden color, similar to the reflections of amber. The back is straight, straight, and elongated, the limb is long, ending in small paws.

The tail is thin, but compact, in case of danger, it becomes a sickle upward. The dog's skin has an interesting feature, the dog can blush.

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