Breed Review: Pixie-Bob (18 Pics)

#4 In April of the same year, the short-tailed Don Juan became a father: Maggie’s cat acquired spotted offspring.

Carol Brewer kept one baby for herself and gave her the nickname Pixie-bob. The American breeder realized that she could recreate a new breed with a specific appearance, and set about developing a breeding program. The participants were 23 short-tailed cats caught in the Rocky Mountains region and the beautiful Pixie-bob. To indirectly designate their offspring, Brewer coined the term "legendary cat" and registered the copyright for the program. Carol's development was joined by other American breeders who worked with wild cats to create an extensive genetic base and, as a result, the development of the future breed.

#5 The first Pixie-bob standard appeared in 1989.

The breed owes its name to the favorite of Brewer. Four years later, the breeder applied to the International Cat Association (TICA), wishing to achieve official recognition of the breed. In 1994, it was registered as an experimental one. A year later, Pixie-bobs were assigned to a number of new breeds and thus provided the opportunity to participate in championships and exhibitions on an equal basis with other cats. A handsome short-tailed man named Zeus was even awarded an international prize.

#6 Under the mask of a “lynx” is hidden a quivering character, as if in front of you is not a descendant of forest cats, but a pupil of the royal court!

Representatives of the breed are very close to family members, showing the best qualities. Among them is patience, delicacy, calmness. Animals are always ready for active games, but will not get underfoot if you are in a bad mood. This feature of the breed pleases those who prefer solitude, but at the same time are not against a fluffy and affectionate companion.

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