Breed Review: Pixie-Bob (18 Pics)

#10 Pixie-bobs are especially popular with dog lovers, as their behavior is so reminiscent of playful corgis, papillons and Jack Russell terriers.

In addition, cats show remarkable ability to train, like to bring toys and follow commands. Representatives of the breed are rather silent, "communicate" with the owner using a variety of sounds, and rarely meow. Animals are very attached to the owner and cannot stand long separations. If you are often away on business trips, consider a different breed: Persian, Javanese, or Russian blue. These cats perceive loneliness more easily.

#11 Pixie-bobs and couch potatoes are not suitable.

Animals inherited from wild ancestors irrepressible activity and desire to hunt. So you will have to walk your pet on a leash as often as possible and encourage his desire to catch the most beautiful butterfly in the park!

#12 A distinctive feature of this breed is intelligence.

Nature has endowed animals with ingenuity and a good memory. Felinologists believe that pixie-bobs understand the meaning of most words. If you start talking about a visit to the vet, the pet will prefer to retreat and sit somewhere under the bed.

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