Breed Review: Pixie-Bob (18 Pics)

#13 However, remember: representatives of the breed are not only smart, but also cunning.

You will have to sweat a lot before you find an approach to your pet and can begin training. But some owners manage to teach the pixie-bob to relieve themselves in the toilet and even flush after themselves. This is a great way to save money on filler, and just an excuse to smile at your pet's ingenuity.

#14 Animals understand the purpose of the scratching post and tray just as easily.

The main thing is to start learning Pixie-bob as early as possible. Adult cats have already established habits and character. Changing them is more difficult, but still possible.

#15 Pixie-bobs especially appreciate active teams.

By accustoming your pet to bring a toy or chase a thrown ball, you will delight not only yourself, but also him. And the combination of training with a walk in a quiet park will make the animal the happiest in the world!

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