Breed Review: Poodle (17 Pics)

The poodle is the embodiment of beauty and extravagant decorativeness, combined with the harmonious constitution of this dog, its magnificent temperament, high intelligence. The adorable appearance of the poodle sparkles with artistry, charm, and expression, and his kindness and love of life know no bounds. These wonderful dogs have an incredible loyalty that extends to all family members, while poodles are very sensitive to human attention. They are funny, mischievous, like to fool around, and are always ready to take part in games and fun.

#1 The belief that the poodle is one of the oldest dog breeds unites all specialists from the world of cynology.

However, there is no consensus about his homeland, ancestors, stages of formation of the breed. Three countries - Germany, Hungary, France - claimed the right to be considered the homeland of the poodle at different times. The original purpose of poodles, apparently, was hunting, and their progenitors were shaggy shepherd dogs and the so-called water dogs, which were used to feed shot game from reservoirs during hunting. This kind of dog lived in many countries of Western Europe.

#2 Today, the prevailing opinion is that the poodle owes its origin to several breeds of dogs, differing from each other in size, but having a unifying feature – a long shaggy coat that covers the entire body.

It is the growing varieties of poodles that are still the cause of disputes about the origin of the breed. So, among the ancestors of the large and medium-sized poodle, water spaniels are called, the ancestors of which, in turn, are considered barbet (French water dog), dogs related to Komondors (shaggy Hungarian shepherd dogs), and bullets (Hungarian water dogs). In the appearance of small poodles, there are features of toy spaniels, Maltese, bichons. The influence on the formation of the breed was presumably also exerted by retrievers, cops, and greyhounds.

#3 In the reconstruction of the history of the breed, experts relied on etymological analysis, written documents, images of dogs that resemble a poodle.

In German, "pudel" (or "puddling") means "puddle", "swamp" or the whole concept of "floundering in the water." The English word "poodle", derived from "puddle", also translates to "puddle". The French name for the breed is Canish. The word "caniche" comes from "Chien canard" which means "duck hunting dog".

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