Breed Review: Ragdoll (17 Pics)

#10 Puberty in ragdolls occurs by 3-4 years.

But they do not show their instincts violently - they will not bother the owners with heart-rending screams and the desire to jump out the door.

#11 Ragdolls in love are true gentlemen, they will never offend their object of passion and are ready to wait for the cat’s disposition as much as necessary, patiently caring for her and affectionately persuading her.

Many of them are real monogamous. Cats accept courtship favorably, although they are demanding in choosing a partner and can be capricious. They will be more forgiving if the acquaintance takes place on the territory of the "gentleman".

#12 Ragdolls have high intelligence and good memory.

They subtly feel intonations, quickly remember their name, and wonderfully understand what the owner wants from them. Actually, they do not need special education, because delicacy is in their blood.

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