Breed Review: Ragdoll (17 Pics)

#13 Get a scratching post for your pet

Redgolls love to sharpen their claws, although they rarely scratch. Train your cat to the toilet from an early age. Buy a bigger tray right away - based on the future dimensions of the animal.

It will be useful to teach the cat to have fun with toys - this will help him somehow brighten up the hours of loneliness.

#14 Ragdolls are very neat and tidy.

They lick their beautiful fur for a long time and carefully. It is recommended to bathe them only as a last resort if the coat is fairly stained with something since this procedure causes stress in the Redgalls. But you can comb them at least every day - they like it.

#15 Use a Siberian cat brush for your daily routine.

During molting, you need to comb the animal with greater care: first, comb the head and chest with a frequent comb, then - the neck, back and sides, finally - the legs and abdomen, do not touch the tail. Continue the glossing session with a massage brush. Finally, run your wet hands all over the cat's fur to remove any remaining hairs that have fallen out. During molting, you can use a furminator - a special device for grooming cats and dogs' hair.

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