Breed Review: Ragdoll (17 Pics)

#16 Ragdolls have an excellent appetite, but they are not prone to obesity.

These large cats need to be fed plentifully, especially up to 4 years old, since until this age they continue to grow. Adult animals are fed 2-3 times a day, kittens - up to 5 times.

#17 Premium ready-to-eat foods and natural products are suitable for feeding your thoroughbred pet.

For ragdolls, boiled meat (beef, veal, rabbit meat, chicken), sea fish, which should also be boiled, are useful. Eggs (raw and boiled) can be fed twice a week, especially for kittens. The diet must include boiled vegetables. If the cat starts to be capricious, move them with the meat. In a small amount, cereals (semolina, oatmeal, buckwheat, wheat) are useful. Meat and vegetable components in food should have a ratio of 2: 1 for adult animals and 3: 1 for kittens.

Exclude salt, spices, and sugar from the cat's diet, milk is also not recommended, but sour cream, fermented baked milk, low-fat cottage cheese should be present in your pet's diet. Make sure the water bowl is never empty.

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