Breed Review: Schnauzer (18 Pics)

Dogs of the “Mittelschnauzer” breed first appeared in Germany. The main purpose of these dogs is a guard service. Mittelschnauzers, although they are not tall, have a fairly strong and dense physique. They are truly considered athletes because they are unusually agile, playful, and obedient.

A stereotype has developed among the people, according to which it is believed that a creature with outstanding physical inclinations is necessarily deprived of mental potential.

Even if this opinion is correct, the Mittelschnauzers, in this case, are a clear and undeniable exception.

#1 Representatives of this breed are not only strong and hardy, they are also smart, quick-witted and sensitive.

#2 As a rule, the weight of mittelschnauzers varies from 14 to 20 kilograms, and the height at the withers is in the range of 45-50 centimeters.

Dogs of this breed are very controversial. Despite their intelligence and focus, Mittelschnauzers are considered amazing mischievous people: they are high-spirited, funny, playful, and outgoing. They can truly be called the friends of humanity.

#3 Representatives of the “Mittelschnauzer” breed get along well with children and never rush at strangers, of course, if there is no reason for this.

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