Breed Review: Shar-Pei (15 Pics)

Shar-Pei is one of those breeds that cannot be overlooked at any dog show or just a walking area. The unusual shape of the head and, of course, the trademark folds distinguish them from their relatives, and the blue-black tongue complements the picture – among hundreds of modern breeds, only the Chow-Chow can boast of this. But no less famous among breeders and their independent disposition.

#1 Shar Pei will definitely disappoint people who dream of a cheerful and playful pet.

They are independent, withdrawn, and not particularly mobile "philosophers". If the owner gives slack in their upbringing, they will not hesitate to take advantage of the mistake to take a dominant position in the "pack" and dictate their terms to the household. However, an experienced owner who will be able to establish his authority without the use of physical force and screaming, with the help of a professional's advice, will raise a well-mannered and obedient dog.

#2 The protective functions assigned to the breed for many generations leave their mark on the character.

Shar-Pei will be wary of strangers and in general everyone who is not in a close social circle and may openly demonstrate unfriendly intentions.

#3 The Han dogs were never known for being good-natured nannies who patiently endure the unintentional rudeness of young children.

Leaving them alone with unintelligent crumbs is strongly discouraged. It is also worth remembering that due to physiological characteristics, Shar Pei's field of vision is severely limited, he perceives sudden movements as a potential threat and reacts accordingly.

Shar-Pei usually gets along poorly with other animals. Dogs are perceived as opponents, and the rest of the pets, by virtue of instincts, are treated as prey. An exception may be cats if they grow up together.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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