Breed Review: Shih Tzu (18 Pics)

#16 The future owner of the Shih Tzu must definitely learn all the features of the breed, having spent about a year on it.

For such a long time, he will not only find information about the advantages and disadvantages of these dogs, see them at exhibitions, and agree with the breeder, but also decide whether he wants to buy a show puppy and spend several hours a day on grooming and training. Some potential buyers, having learned about the complexities of caring for long hair, prefer to buy a pet class baby to just be a pet. In this case, the dog is simply periodically sheared "like a puppy."

#17 Having made the decision to buy a future champion, you need to choose a baby at the age of eight weeks.

During this period, the puppy is most proportional and you can see what the adult dog will be like. The main articles: head, back length, color and size of eyes, tail set are clearly visible at this age, but the most important thing is the character of the baby. The most promising in terms of exhibitions will be the little Shih Tzu, which by all its appearance shows that he is the best. Elegance, innate grace, pride - this is impossible to teach.

#18 You can buy a matured puppy under the age of one year, especially if the dog was brought up not in a kennel, where he constantly sat in a puppy enclosure, but in the house

Socialization is an important part of the formation of the character of a pet, and even if a grown puppy is very promising in appearance, but is afraid of everything in the world, you should not buy it: it will take a very long time to get accustomed to the street, to new conditions, to the noise of exhibitions. Adult Shih Tzu is sold for various reasons, when buying an adult dog, you can see its exterior and upbringing, but you cannot predict how it will behave in other situations. Sometimes an adult dog joins the new family so organically that the owners can only be surprised, and in some cases the adaptation process takes months.

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