Breed Review: Siberian Husky (19 Pics)

The Siberian Husky is an amazing sled dog bred in the Far North. It is unlikely that you will find any other breed whose representatives would have shared so many hardships and difficulties with a person, and the history of saving the city of Nome from the diphtheria epidemic will forever remain in the grateful human memory. Husky is the living embodiment of a canine mind, quick wit, devotion, and love for humans.

#1 The Siberian Husky is a dog that has lived next to humans for many centuries. It was bred by the indigenous people of the Russian Far North.

The Chukchi desperately needed a dog that could travel long distances and transport people and goods from seasonal hunting grounds to camps. The harsh climatic conditions had a decisive influence on both the formation of the structure of the animal and its character.

#2 The spread of the breed outside its centuries-old habitat actively began from the 20th century.

Husky's endurance, ability to work well in harness for a long time, and good speed were highly appreciated on the American continent. Alaskan mushers increasingly began to acquire these dogs for participation in dog sled races. The greatest fame was gained by the team of Leonard Seppala, led by the legendary Togo, which did not give up the palm for several years in a row. But this musher with his dogs entered the history of mankind primarily because it was his Togo, leading a team, overcame a huge part of the path of the famous dog relay race of 1925, delivering anti-diphtheria serum to Nome.

#3 A small town in Alaska, cut off from the world by many miles of snowy desert, is caught in an epidemic of a deadly disease.

It was not possible to get to it quickly and safely by the usual means: adverse weather and natural conditions were not suitable for air or land transportation. And then people turned to the faithful huskies for help. The team relay passed more than a thousand kilometers in a record five days, and the city's population was saved. The best dogs, led by Togo, covered 146 kilometers - the maximum distance. Eighty kilometers of the dogs walked on the ice of Norton Bay in forty-degree frost in a blizzard. Such a feat became possible only thanks to the flair, courage, and endurance of the leader of the pack.

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