Breed Review: Siberian Husky (19 Pics)

#4 The last team in this relay were the dogs of Gunnar Kaasen, led by Balto, who got all the glory.

In memory of these events, grateful people have erected a monument to this dog in New York. Statues of Togo and Balto greet guests at the entrance to the Cleveland MetroparksZoo, and a visit to the museum of the small Alaskan town of Wasilla, you can see the embalmed body of Togo. In memory of that incredible relay race, Alaska hosts an annual multi-day sled dog race.

#5 In the USA, for a long time, special attention was paid to just the sports component.

Crossbreeding of Siberian huskies with aboriginal sled dogs of Alaska led to the emergence of mestizo breeds, which became much more successful than huskies in racing competitions, although they did not receive recognition from international organizations - mestizos turned out to be very diverse.

#6 A new direction in the history of the breed – exhibition – began from the moment when E. Seeley and L. Demidoff first presented to the judges a bright black and white dog with blue eyes

It was from the 70s of the last century that huskies increasingly appeared as a domestic companion dog, quite suitable even for keeping in an apartment.

The return of the breed to its historical homeland, to Russia, took place in the 90s. The first dogs were brought from Belgium and the Czech Republic in 1995, and after five years the number of purebred puppies reached one and a half hundred

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