Breed Review: Siberian Husky (19 Pics)

#7 Friendliness, liveliness of mind and calm disposition – these are the main properties of the Siberian husky.

But, speaking about these wonderful dogs, I would not like to limit myself to such a shortlist.

The ancestors of modern animals, who devotedly served man for many centuries in the harsh conditions of the Far North, passed on to their descendants all that variety of distinctive character traits and behavior that so attract connoisseurs of this breed today.

#8 Huskies, like true sled dogs, are very active and need good constant physical activity.

Representatives of this breed are not suitable for hunting enthusiasts, despite the presence of a rather strong instinct. For the Siberian Husky, such a trade is one of the ways of food, and it will not share the prey (the dogs were fed only in winter, the rest of the time the team was on the grazing forage).

#9 These northern dogs are gregarious animals, which has led to almost complete leveling of the instinct to protect their own territory, so such pets are completely unsuitable for the role of a watchman.

The absence of aggression towards humans, even towards a stranger, also does not allow these dogs to be classified as guard dogs. Attempts to embitter the dog can only lead to permanent disturbances in the psyche of the animal. Nature has endowed these amazing dogs with well-developed intelligence and the ability to make independent and often extraordinary decisions. Hence the difficulties arising during training, when, with certain commands, a template algorithm of actions are required from the husky. The use of representatives of the breed as service animals is not practiced.

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