Breed Review: Sloughi (17 Pics)

Sloughi – is, strictly speaking, the Arab Hound Dog. These pets were developed in North Africa by the Berbers, many centuries ago. There are several confirmations of the fact that the breed is one of the most ancient. First, cave paintings in Tunisia, which are between 9000 and 7000 years old, tell of hunting involving greyhounds with hanging ears.

#1 There are also Egyptian mummies Sloughi, and statues depicting these dogs

Be that as it may, but it was the isolation of the nomadic Arab tribes of North Africa that made it possible to preserve the purity of the breed. Moreover.

#2 From the point of view of these very Arab tribes, the dog is by definition an unclean animal.

But the breed Sloughi, according to the Berbers, dogs are not true and are a separate species.

#3 They were decorated with jewelry, painted with henna, they lived in tents with people, they were valued and fed only the best food.

Little of. Women could sometimes feed the puppies with their own breast milk if needed. Sloughi were in a very special position, hunted with them, and sometimes used as guard

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