Breed Review: Sloughi (17 Pics)

#4 Often, the ears were cropped, since during the hunt the animal strove to grab it by the ear, in addition, it is still believed that cropping the ears makes the hearing sharper and attracts fewer flies

This, by the way, is common sense. Also, dogs have branded as especially valuable property (and also, according to local beliefs, branding on the inside of the limbs makes the dog faster and stronger).

#5 The first European who gave a description of the Sloughi and their way of life was the military man and writer Melchior Doma (1803-1871), in 1835.

After his description, in the second half of the 19th century, dogs began to be brought to Europe by the French, who colonized North Africa. The Second World War put an end to the development of the breed in Europe, but in the 60s, Sloughi was brought back again. Although by that time in their homeland, their number had decreased incredibly - by 1970 it was 210 individuals. Moreover, the purity of the breed has seriously decreased, which was facilitated by the French in the 19th and early 20th centuries, banning hunting from a slob in Africa and exporting huge batches of dogs.

#6 It is a very balanced greyhound, with long limbs and a narrow, long muzzle, hair is minimal.

The ears are drooping, the chest is voluminous, the abdominal cavity is pronounced, the tail is long, thin.

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