Breed Review: Sloughi (17 Pics)

#7 Sloughi is a somewhat detached breed, they are emotionally sensitive and distrustful of strangers.

But, inside their family, they are very kind and affectionate animals, incredibly loyal to the owner. They can single out one person as the owner, but not a fact - apparently, life for thousands of years with families, in close contact with several people, has left its imprint in the genes.

#8 Since they are greyhounds, they have a high level of energy, and need daily walks, running, physical training.

If the dog does not have the opportunity to walk enough, to realize its energy potential, to keep the muscles in good shape, it will become lethargic, sad, and in the longer term, depressive states may develop. And, on the contrary, walks, games and other activities will keep not only the body but also the psyche, in order.

#9 Now they are not used as watchmen, and they are rarely hunted, at least in Europe.

Firstly, because these are very rare and expensive dogs that are very dear. Children are perceived positively. If you want your Sloughi to live with a cat under one roof, you need to introduce them at an early age.

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