Breed Review: Sloughi (17 Pics)

#13 But if the greyhound grew up in a house with other pets, she will treat them neutrally, without showing aggression.

The advantages of the breed are in cleanliness, they do not have a specific smell and wash like cats, have a calm demeanor, and practically do not bark.

#14 Dogs of this breed prefer luxury and comfort, but, like other desert dwellers, they are hardy and accustomed to hardship, they do not tolerate the cold because of their thin skin and a comDogs of this breed prefer luxury and comfort,plete lack of subcutaneous fat.

The most important thing is keeping the dog in warm conditions. In cold weather, it is recommended to take the animal dressed in a sweater or a special insulated suit.

#15 It is advisable to live outside the city, away from highways and a large crowd of people, for the need for long walks.

The greyhound does not need to be bathed often, it is enough to take care of its fur with a regular massage brush.

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