Breed Review: Sphynx Cat (19 Pics)

#10 The lack of hair may seem like a big advantage to a busy owner, but in fact, Sphynx require even more careful grooming than their fluffy counterparts.

Sweat and sebaceous glands in these cats work in a "normal mode", so a kind of plaque forms on the skin surface, which provokes the appearance of greasy spots on the owners' clothes, bedding, and furniture upholstery.

#11 To avoid this, you should regularly carry out hygiene procedures.

Someone thinks: it is enough to wipe the cat's body with wet wipes that do not contain alcohol and fragrances. But most agree that the best solution to the problem is weekly bathing with special mild products or baby shampoo. If you teach a kitten to them from an early age, the process will occur quickly and without much hassle. Please note that immediately after the bath, the Sphynx must be wrapped in a towel!

#12 The issue of hypothermia is generally quite acute for the representatives of this breed.

When you hold a hairless cat, it seems really hot. The fact is that due to the absence of a fur "buffer", heat exchange with the external environment is much more active in them than in other animals. This means that in a cool room the Sphynx will freeze no less than a naked person, so buying special clothes for winter and off-season will not be superfluous even for permanent residents of city apartments.

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