Breed Review: Sphynx Cat (19 Pics)

#13 By the way, experienced breeders recommend exclusively home keeping of Canadian Sphynxes.

If you consider it necessary for your pet to stay outdoors, it is better to limit its duration and monitor the cat at all times. Independent walks are contraindicated not only because of the risk of colds or sunburn (yes, Sphynx can get sunburned and burn, so they need sunscreen in summer!). Due to its characteristic appearance, it is easy even for a non-professional to recognize in your pet a thoroughbred, and therefore a potentially expensive animal, which can lead to abduction.

#14 Other care tips differ little from the standard ones.

It is important to monitor the condition of the eyes and ears to avoid infections. Regular brushing with a special toothpaste will protect you from tartar, and clipping your nails will help keep your furniture and walls intact.

#15 All Sphynx have an excellent appetite.

This is another side effect of the lack of hair, as they require more energy than other cats due to the intense heat exchange. The main thing is that the quality of food is at a high level and fully satisfies the needs of your pet for proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The easiest way to achieve this balance is with specialized premium and super-premium feeds. But if you're willing to take the time to put together a healthy food menu, natural eating is a worthy alternative.

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