Breed Review: Thai Ridgeback (18 Pics)

The name of this breed indicates a feature that distinguishes all representatives of Ridgebacks, the ridge is a ridge along the back. Thai Ridgeback – an exotic breed from Thailand that is one of the most ancient on our planet.

Researchers suggest that this breed is at least 3-4 thousand years old. Rock carvings of this dog (Thai Ridgeback) are found in caves in Southeast Asia and confirm the antiquity of the breed.

The original purpose of this breed was to help with hunting, but then they began to use it for protection, and in our country, representatives of this breed become partners of the owners.

#1 Due to the isolation of Thailand, the exterior of this breed has not changed for many centuries.

When describing the Thai Ridgeback, they always note his almost ideal proportions, strength, speed, agility, and phenomenal jumping ability. Their weight ranges from an average of 20 kg in females to 28 kg in males.

#2 Breed standard:

The head is similar to that of a wolf. When serving on the forehead, horizontal folds are formed.

The lower jaw is strong and heavy.

The cheeks are flat. The lips do not form "pockets", they are darkly pigmented. Scissor bite.

The nostrils are large, regardless of color, should be black.

The eyes are small, the iris is brown or amber.

The auricles are triangular in shape, mobile, inclined towards the muzzle.

The body is elongated, the chest is well developed, the abdominal region is tucked up.

The limbs are well-articulated, strong, and muscular.

Brushes with collected fingers are dark pigmented, wide.

The tail is tapering towards the end, elastic.

The main requirement for a ridge is symmetry.

#3 The coat is short or very short (several millimeters long), matte or glossy.

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