Breed Review: Tibetan Mastiff (18 Pics)

The Tibetan Mastiff is rightfully considered the property of a mysterious corner of the globe – the “roof of the world” called Tibet. Representatives of this breed are reputed to be reliable and fearless defenders who are not devoid of self-esteem and independent character. Looking at the threatening appearance of the dog, it is difficult to assume that this breed is one of the most friendly and loyal. The centuries-old duet of man and mastiff taught the latter to show remarkable patience and understanding.

#1 The history of the origin of the Tibetan Mastiffs is shrouded in a train of mystery, since the first dogs appeared long before the emergence of writing in certain regions of Tibet.

The approximate age of the breed was determined only through genetic research, initiated by employees of the Chinese University of Molecular Evolution. By comparing the mitochondrial DNK of a wolf and a dog, scientists found that the first signs of their difference from each other appeared about 42 thousand years ago. A similar experiment with mastiff DNK showed a different result - 58 thousand years. This allows us to consider the breed one of the oldest in the world.

#2 Archaeological finds – bones and skulls of animals – suggest that the ancestors of the mastiffs walked side by side with people back in the Stone and Bronze Ages.

As for the mentions of the breed in written sources, they date back to the first half of the 12th century. In 1121, the emperor of China was awarded a luxurious gift - huge hunting dogs, outwardly resembling mastiffs.

#3 The birthplace of the breed is Tibet – a sacred place for the followers of Buddha and his teachings.

Thanks to their physical and intellectual strength, dogs have become indispensable companions in those harsh living conditions. Often, the animals showed ferocity, which is why many owners kept the mastiffs locked, letting them stretch their paws only at night: mountain villages always needed increased protection.

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