Breed Review: Tibetan Mastiff (18 Pics)

#16 Representatives of this breed show dominance in relation to other domestic animals.

The exception is the pets with whom the Tibetan grew up: in this case, the dog considers them to be members of his pack. This applies equally to cats and other dog breeds. However, it is not recommended to have new animals if an adult mastiff already lives in your house. In this case, rivalry cannot be avoided.

#17 Tibetans are friendly with their families and love to spend time with their host.

So get ready to have a miniature version of Chewbacca from Star Wars at your feet every day and snore peacefully in response to dog dreams. Adult mastiffs are calm, but puppies are full of strength and energy. If not properly nurtured, these plump teddy bears will turn your home into ruins in minutes, so don't leave them unattended for long periods of time.

#18 Watch out if your pet gets bored!

Tibetan Mastiffs tend to gnaw on anything that is within their sight. If you value your furniture, make sure you have enough toys and don't forget to walk your dog in the city park. Tibetans will run after frisbee with puppy delight, and after the game, they will lie down with pleasure in the shade of spreading trees. The winter walk is especially appreciated by the representatives of this breed: when will there still be a chance to tumble in the snow, which so reminds of the historical homeland of mastiffs - Tibet?

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