Breed Review: Weimaraner (18 Pics)

#10 The Weimaraner is a fairly balanced dog.

He treats strangers with caution but does not show aggression if he is sure that his owners are not in danger. Due to its distrust of strangers, attentiveness, ingenuity, the ability to bark at all suspicious sounds, and rustles outside the door, a dog can become a good watchman, but the guard service is clearly not it's calling.

#11 With children, especially older ones, these dogs establish friendly, partnership relations.

They are tolerant of kids, but, having started a game with them, they can accidentally injure them.

Weimaraners are friendly to their relatives, especially if they grew up next to them, but they rarely have good relations with cats. If this dog is still able to endure the master's pet living with her in the same house, then the representative of the feline tribe who has rashly wandered into its territory will definitely not do good. Actually, all small animals, as well as birds, awaken an indomitable hunting instinct in the Weimaraner, becoming its potential victims.

#12 During the hunt, Weimar cops show themselves in accordance with their innate temperament and personal qualities.

There are extremely obedient gun dogs, but quite often there are completely "reckless" individuals that instantly get out of control during work

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