Breed Review: Weimaraner (18 Pics)

#13 The Weimaraner is an extremely intelligent, attentive and docile dog.

He lends itself perfectly to training, but, being in a bad mood, he can show waywardness and stubbornness. Given these traits of his character, as well as the tendency of the dog to dominate, the owner should demonstrate firmness and patience when raising the animal. Teaching pet obedience is necessary from an early age, but if authoritarianism in upbringing is acceptable, then methods that include harsh shouting and the use of physical force as punishment should be excluded.

#14 The brutality of the owner will lead to the fact that the dog will become distrustful, commands will be carried out uncertainly, with apprehension.

It will be very difficult to regain the dog's trust. But goodies and praise will stimulate the Weimaraner to show his best qualities.

When raising a dog that is acquired for hunting, the owner needs to find a middle ground, since her unquestioning obedience and desire to please can deprive the hound of the initiative she needs during work.

#15 The ideal condition for keeping a Weimaraner is a spacious house with a large fenced garden plot, a private pond or a nearby pond.

In this case, the dog will be able to regularly fulfill its need for vigorous activity. In a city apartment, the dog will feel no less comfortable if the owners can provide him with intense physical activity - this can be frequent walks, during which the dog will be able to run without a leash, classes on grounds equipped with an obstacle course. In total, the Weimaraner must move fully and actively for at least two hours a day.

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