Breed Review: West Highland White Terrier (20 Pics)

#7 All West Highland White Terriers do not like to be ignored, and these snow-white babies do not cope well with loneliness.

So before you introduce young news into your house, think about whether you are ready to sacrifice silence and your own peace for the sake of a four-legged hustler. West Highland White Terriers have a partnership with children: they enjoy playing together, while both parties involved in the process feel on an equal footing. It's another matter if the dog has to deal with babies who, by their thoughtlessness, can annoy her with obsession or cause pain. In this case, the lead will definitely fight back (guess in what way).

#8 It is easy for a West Highland White Terrier to delegate guard duties

Most of the representatives of this breed have a keen hearing and are able to warn the owner about the appearance of a stranger with a sonorous bark. At the same time, they do not feel much hostility towards strangers, which means they will not frighten your guests with sudden swoops and displeased grunts.

#9 Despite all the efforts of the breeders, the specialists in burrow hunting in the West Highland White Terriers have not completely died, so from time to time the dogs will be drawn to feats.

In particular, on walks, Vestikas will selflessly dig trenches in search of an imaginary gopher, and when they see a garbage rat or some other small animal, they will immediately rush into battle. Treat this behavior of a pet with a slight irony: after all, every breed has its own harmless cockroaches.

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