Breed Review: West Highland White Terrier (20 Pics)

#10 The West Highland White Terrier will never obey the commands of someone who does not respect and considers himself to be deliberately stupider, so the first thing to start training a dog with is to assert his own authority.

In addition, the pet will have to be constantly stimulated, since this is not a breed that will work on sheer enthusiasm. If your ward has successfully completed the command, appease him with a treat, and then give him a pause - West Highland White Terriers love to rage aimlessly and fool around as much as they like to hunt. By the way, about games: from the very first days, let your pet understand that it is strictly forbidden to practice hunting skills on the owner and the rest of the family. If the angry West Highland White Terrier is still trying to taste your hand or leg, gently turn his attention to the toy.

#11 Important

while training and practicing commands, try to be alone with your pet. The presence of strangers only slows down the training process, since it is more difficult for a dog to concentrate if two people communicate with it at the same time.

#12 You should train your West Highland White Terrier puppy to use the collar and leash before going out for the first walk.

To do this, buy a one and a half to two-meter strap and an unfastening collar with a lock, which will not need to be worn over the head, thereby frightening the animal. After the lead turns 10 months old, you can train with him on the sites. Difficult and especially stubborn individuals should be enrolled in some kennel club, where an individual training program will be selected for them, as well as their behavior will be corrected.

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