Breed Review: West Highland White Terrier (20 Pics)

#13 If you don’t want your living with your West Highland White Terrier to turn into a who-who-wins confrontation, pay special attention to teaching your pet basic behaviors.

In particular, do not let the messenger lie on your bed, and do not let him look with hungry eyes at the family members gathered around the table. And there are no exceptions to the rules and indulgences: despite the external weakness and fragility, twisting from the owner of the rope from the West Highlands is simply virtuoso.

#14 As noted earlier, it is not customary to go with today’s West Highland White Terriers on foxes and badgers.

Moreover, at competitions and exhibitions, representatives of this breed have long been evaluated exclusively by external parameters and almost never by their working qualities. On the other hand, no one has the right to prohibit the owner of the West Highland White Terrier from walking with his ward on the animal either. So if you are eager to try your pet in business, sign up for any kennel club where there is a training hole, and practice your pupil's hunting talents as much as you want. As practice shows, they are extremely reckless in their work, but they do not lose their minds. In addition, they very quickly learn the habits of a wild animal and can change tactics of behavior with lightning speed, if the situation requires it.

#15 Every year West Highland White Terriers are increasingly turning into room-sofa pets, and the reason for this is the desire of the owners to keep the soiled “fur coats” of their wards in relative cleanliness.

However, by nature, the lead is not so sissy and is quite capable of spending time outside, even if the weather leaves much to be desired. Bright, cute clothes and blankets, in which West Highland White Terriers are often dressed, are by no means a forced measure, but rather the owner's desire to emphasize the uniqueness of his pet. In reality, West Highland White Terriers do not suffer from the cold even in the winter months, provided that you do not keep the dog outside all day.

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