Breed Review: West Highland White Terrier (20 Pics)

#16 A nice bonus for fans of sterile cleanliness: West Highland White Terriers do not shed and practically do not smell.

Of course, the fur of animals is regularly renewed, but the dead hairs from their "fur coats" do not fall out, but simply fall off. Accordingly, in order to preserve the image of the pet, it will have to be trimmed once every couple of months or, if it is a show dog, every 30 days. A haircut for these charming shaggy people is prohibited, as it changes the structure of the coat, softening it and provoking curling of the hair into a curl. As a result, the West Highland White Terrier loses its original appearance and becomes like a hybrid of a lapdog and a Bichon Frize. However, if you are not ambitious and do not plan to travel to exhibitions, you can try to cut your ward. The dignity of the message will not be affected in the least.

#17 Before trimming, the West Highland White Terrier is thoroughly combed, after which the throat area and the area at the elbows are treated as short as possible with a stripping knife.

The line from the withers to the croup, as well as the crest of the neck, is also pinched with a knife, keeping the total length of the coat 4-5 cm and smoothing out the transitions. As an example: an exemplary West Highland White Terrier should have short hair on the sides and a so-called skirt - fluffy, decorating the coat on the sternum. The hair on the forehead, crown, and cheekbones is plucked by hand (plucking technique), giving the head the shape of a chrysanthemum. The hair on the legs is usually not shortened.

#18 If you want to preserve the unique snow-white color of the West Highland White Terrier, get ready to devote an extra hour to an hour and a half to your pet’s coat.

The fact is that the wool of representatives of this breed often turns yellow when dog saliva gets on it or from feed, therefore, to neutralize unwanted undertones, it is necessary to use a cleaning composition of crushed chalk and boric acid. The mixture is rubbed into the slightly moistened wool, after which its chalky particles are combed out with a regular hairbrush.

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