Breed Review: West Highland White Terrier (20 Pics)

#19 Once a month, West Highland White Terriers are bathed with diluted pet shampoo.

Not the most useless purchase - a whitening shampoo that allows you to preserve the exquisite shade of the vest's coat. Just do not test it on a puppy, otherwise, you risk seriously spoiling the baby's hair structure. Otherwise, any detergent formulation designed specifically for wire-haired dogs is suitable for the representatives of this breed.

#20 Once every 5-6 days, the West Highland White Terrier should be combed with a rare comb with metal teeth, which will not tear the undercoat, but only gently remove dead hair and debris.

But this is if the pet's fur coat is tough and healthy. Individuals with soft wool will have to be combed more often, otherwise, tangles are provided for you. In addition, do not forget to wipe the dog's face with a napkin after eating so that food debris does not get stuck in the coat and does not provoke a change in its color.

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