Breed Review: Whippet (19 Pics)

#13 Another way to hone your running speed is to ride a bike with a little English greyhound.

The method requires skill since, in order to control the speed of the animal, the owner will have to drive the vehicle with one hand, holding the second leash. In addition, before such a grueling ordeal, it is necessary to let the whippet warm-up for 5-10 minutes. Initially, the travel speed should below so that the dog can run at an easy trot. The maximum acceleration is permissible only in the middle of the path and for no more than a minute and a half, so as not to plant the heart of the whippet. Train in this way 2-3 times a week and you can count on prizes in dog races.

#14 The modern Whippet is not a yard dog at all, and taking it for enclosure means to doom the animal to illness and death.

Do not forget that the Little English Greyhound has a minimal amount of body fat and a poorly warming coat, so the first draft and frost will send the pet to dog paradise. The Whippet should live in a house, and in a well-heated house, where the dog will have its own cozy corner with a soft mattress and the opportunity to lie in an armchair.

#15 In addition to a downy mattress, a little English greyhound will need a basic wardrobe in which she will go out on cold days and bad weather.

Usually, it is a raincoat for walking in the rain and a couple of knitted sweaters or pajamas. By the way, about bad weather: Whippets categorically cannot stand the autumn chill and drizzle, so taking your pet out for walks in bad weather is another task. As for the fantastic physical activity that the breed supposedly requires, all these are horror stories of not very knowledgeable owners. In fact, the whippet is not such an energizer as they like to show it. Yes, he is an excellent runner and hunter, but nothing more.

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