Breed Review: Whippet (19 Pics)

#16 You don’t have to wander the street for hours to walk a greyhound.

Two visits, 40-60 minutes each, will be enough for the whippets to warm up and satisfy their own curiosity. The only thing to get used to is the fact that the dog will constantly drag you on a leash. But this behavior is in the blood of all greyhounds, so humble yourself. Escaping whippets released from the harness is also a common thing, therefore, until the pet has learned to respond to the call, it will have to be walked on a leash.

#17 Whippets are clean dogs that love to groom each other, so their fur is almost odorless.

However, there are also exceptions to the rule. If the pet is too obviously doggy or something worse, most likely he is unwell, or he was licked too diligently by another whippet. The breed sheds seasonally, but the coat of individuals living in warm rooms can also be renewed unscheduled. It is easy to guess about a sudden "hair fall" by the insignificant amount of hairs on furniture and carpets. During this period, it is worth helping the pet and collecting dead hairs from the body with a damp rubber glove. In the intervals between molts, the whippet does not need daily brushing, but to stimulate blood circulation, it is better to brush the pet's skin once every 1-2 weeks.

#18 You need to wash the Lesser English Greyhound less often.

Even experienced groomers agree that if a whippet does not have the habit of wallowing in the mud and falling, 4-5 baths a year is enough for him. This approach is due to the fact that any dog cosmetics washes away the protective fat layer from the body. And if frequent washing does not cause significant harm to breeds with a full-fledged coat, then for short-haired lean whippets a similar procedure can cause dry skin and even alopecia. And of course, do not forget to dry the dog with a towel or hair dryer after bathing. The slightest draft on the damp whippet's fur - and he will lay down with a cold. In summer, the animal should be taken to the beach: greyhounds can jump into the water from the shore and race in the pond to the point of exhaustion.

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