Breeds of Dogs that Love Cats

Indeed, the owners of these amazing animals benefit in many ways. Firstly, pets save from loneliness, with them any house looks more comfortable. Secondly, these pets bring practical benefits: cats heal many diseases of the owners and catch rodents, and dogs guard the house of their beloved owners, protecting the lives of family members.

It would seem that start both the dog and the kitten at once, but, unfortunately, there is a stumbling block here: in most cases, dogs and cats do not put up with each other. And if the cat is unlikely to cause serious damage to the dog during a fight, then the dog, unfortunately, can easily cripple the kitten Are there any cat-loving dog breeds that remain friendly and calm in any situation? Fortunately, there is.

10 good-natured dog breeds that are loyal to cats

Below we will find out which dogs love cats, but for now, we will agree that not only the breed of the animal is important, but also upbringing. If the socialization and training of the dog are not paid attention to, then the friendship of this animal with the cat will have to be forgotten. Even a fighting Stafford can be taught to reconcile with a cat, so the owner always plays an important role in the friendship of a cat and a dog. And yet, if a cat lives in the house, and plans to have a dog as well, it is better to give preference to a calm and loyal breed to people and other animals. So cats loving dogs:

  1. The Labrador Retriever is a dog that is famous as a good-natured companion, gambling hunter, and attentive guide. The birthplace of Labradors is Canada, where the breed was bred in the 19th century. Distinctive qualities of Labrador Retrievers are great patience and obedience, quick learning, increased activity and playfulness, friendliness (including towards small children and other pets in the house), lack of anger. With a high degree of probability, we can say that the Labrador will be able to find a common language even with an obstinate cat. Perhaps there will be no real friendship between them, but most likely there will be no enmity either;
  2. Golden Retrievers – These dogs are from the UK, like Labradors, they are excellent hunters and companions. Golden Retrievers easily get along with cats, sometimes they are simply indifferent to domestic Murkas, but there is definitely no need to expect aggression from them. The best qualities of dogs of this breed are courage, ability to listen to the owner, good nature, energy, high intelligence, ability to yield; 
  3. The Newfoundland or diver is another Canadian dog breed that loves cats. The Newfoundlands were once working sled dogs, but now they are renowned as consummate companions. They are very smart and resourceful, calm, quickly become attached to people, and get used to other pets in the house. Such dogs remain playful until old age. They are quite sensitive, and therefore cats with character can easily offend them, but the Newfoundland will not show aggression anyway but only will keep away from purrs with the character for some time, and then will forgive her; 
  4. Pug – and these decorative baby dogs come from Ancient China. In those families where they are truly loved, pugs become family members by right. And not in vain, because they can be real friends to both man and any animal (including a cat). The most attractive traits of a pug are sociability (they can easily get along even next to the most harmful cat), playfulness, calmness, moderate activity, curiosity. Dogs of this breed have such a quality as moderate jealousy, so the owner will have to divide the attention honestly and equally between the dog and the cat;
  5. Continental Toy Spaniel – miniature dogs appeared for the first time in France. They are famous for their easy disposition, lack of rancor, and love of games. Moreover, in their fun, they are happy to attract people, cats, and other dogs, if there are any in the house. Animals of this breed are moderately active, curious, reckless. They have a common feature with cats – the love of catching mice, butterflies, bugs;
  6. The German Boxer is such a guard breed originally from Germany. They not only perfectly guard the house and protect the life of their owner, but they can also be great friends. Boxers get along well with those animals that live in the owner’s house. That is, they can love the owner’s cat, but they can treat the neighbors’ cat with coolness, but without aggression. The best traits of boxers are quick learning and unquestioning obedience, calmness, innocence (they do not take revenge on people, cats, or other dogs), courage, love of games;
  7. American Cocker Spaniel – The homeland of these dogs is the USA. The vocation of the American Spaniel is hunting, but they are famous as obedient, cheerful, and kind companions. Unlike the English spaniel, which usually does not have sympathy for cats, the American Cocker Spaniel can establish contact with all animals (including cats). And the spaniel will have a special affection for the cat that he knows from an early age. Besides, such dogs adore children, are patient with the fact that the kids ruffle their ears and hug them tightly; 
  8. Poodle – and these beauties are from France. There is an opinion that poodles have a foolish character, but this is not at all the case. Not only are the representatives of this breed ranked among the smartest dogs by cynologists, but they also have several remarkable qualities. They are efficient and quick to train, cheerful, love to frolic with the owner and other animals. Some poodles may be jealous of the owner of the cat but without aggression. They are intelligent and proud enough to get down to squabbling with anyone;
  9. St. Bernard – such big dogs, were bred in Switzerland for driving cattle; also, they are considered unsurpassed rescuers and guards. Despite its impressive size, St. Bernard is an ideal dog for a large family with pets. These animals are sociable, love affection, calm, and even phlegmatic, they are distinguished by devotion. They get along with cats, only you need to make sure that a massive dog does not accidentally step on a slender kitty; 
  10. Maltese lapdog – These small dogs that are extremely friendly to cats and other animals were bred in the hot island of Malta. Their main features are the love of movement, the ability to intercede for those who are dear (yes, a slender lapdog is capable of barking any stranger who kicks the master’s cat), obedience to the owner. It is important to note that Maltese lapdogs are fussy and playful dogs, and therefore some cats dislike them but tolerate them.

In addition to the 10 breeds of dogs listed above that get along well with cats, it will be fair to mention the following breeds:

  • Irish Setter; 
  • German Shepherd; 
  • Leonberger; 
  • Russian toy terrier; 
  • Bichon Frize; 
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; 
  • Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Alabai); 
  • Shih Tzu; 
  • Yorkshire Beaver; 
  • Japanese Chin.

How to make your dog and cat become friends

So, the representatives of breeds that love cats are listed. However, it is impossible to say with a 100% guarantee that, for example, a darling Labrador will definitely make friends with the family cat. Firstly, a lot will depend on the cat itself, and this is a very independent and proud animal. Secondly, the behavior of the owner will play an important role:

  1. If the cat in the house is an old-timer, and the dog is a beginner, you should not leave them alone with each other on the first day. Ideally, a dog on a leash is led into the cat’s room for a few minutes and the animals’ reactions are observed. Such a ritual is carried out daily until there is the confidence that they both treat each other, if not with sympathy, then with calmness;
  2. Having bought a dog, do not forget about a cat. From now on, affection, attention, and goodies should be divided equally between both animals;
  3. Hoping to befriend a puppy with your own cat, you should never set it on homeless or neighbor’s cats;
  4. Each animal should have its own bowls, beds, and toys;
  5. Even the most harmless and small dog needs to be educated and trained in commands from the very first days. The ignorant dog is the owner’s fault, and not at all a lack of the breed.
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