Bringing a New Cat Home to Another Cat

Cats are often referred to as solitary animals. The reason is their strong, independent temperament and the fact that cats traditionally go out alone as hunters. Nevertheless, cats are social animals, and many cats only really feel at home with their own kind. Before buying a second cat, you should think carefully about the characteristics such as age, gender, and breed that the second cat must have in order to match the cat already living in the household.

What are the Pros of Buying a Second Cat?

Getting a second cat makes sense so that the existing cat has a companion to play, run around and cuddle with. For indoor cats, in particular, the company of another cat is important so that they do not get bored and unhappy. There are cats who actually prefer to remain solitary cats, but young cats and lively cat breeds, in particular, enjoy the company.

Are Two Cats More Work Than a Single Cat?

If you have decided to bring a second cat into the house, you should not underestimate the effort. Buying a second cat means that consumables like cat litter and cat food also have to be bought in double the amount. A visit to the vet, a possible animal health insurance, and the cat sitter on vacation cost twice as much if two cats live in the household. Most of the accessories from the first cat can, however, also be used for the second cat. You do not necessarily have to buy new litter boxes, scratching posts, and toys for the second cat provided that sufficient accessories are already available.

Choosing A Second Cat

The most important thing when buying a second cat is that the newcomer matches the existing cat. Instead of spontaneous purchases, you should give yourself enough time to find the right cat in order to save the animals and yourself unnecessary stress.

How old should the second cat be?

When it comes to the age of cats, the following generally applies: Equal and alike like to join. Cats of a similar age have similar needs and are more responsive to each other. It is easiest to bring two cats together when both cats are very young. Kittens and kittens find each other quickly and have the advantage that they can grow up together.

If you are looking for a second cat as a playmate for an older cat, you should not opt for a young cat. An older cat is much calmer and less playful so that it can be overwhelmed or even annoyed by the young and active second cat. An alternative is to buy two young cats at the same time, so that the older cat has company, but the young cats can live out their instinct to play with each other.

What gender should the new cat be?

In general, same-sex cats get along better. Male cats are more likely to fight and chase each other, while female cats tend to be calmer. Especially when bringing together young cats, it is advisable to get a second cat of the same sex, as the same play behavior simplifies coexistence. With older cats, the sex of the cat is less important – here you should pay attention to a suitable character of the second cat.

Which breed or which temperament should the second cat bring?

Before you buy a second cat, you should watch the existing cat carefully. Is she more reserved and shy or self-confident and strong? Does she like to play or is she lazy? These are all essential characteristics that the second cat should ideally bring with them. If you bring cats with completely different characters together, the risk that they will not get along is much greater.

The breed is less of a factor when it comes to getting a second cat. Cats of different breeds can also get along well. However, pedigree cats often have a similar temperament and similar characteristics, so that the search for a suitable cat can be simplified by getting a second cat of the same breed.

What Should You Watch Out For When the Second Cat Moves In?

Before the second cat moves in, the apartment or house must be prepared for the newcomer. The new cat must have a place of retreat, especially to get used to it. It is best to first separate the cats and prepare a separate room for the second cat with a litter box, scratching post, and food. In this way, she can get used to the new surroundings and the smell of the new home before she meets her fellow species.

How Do You Get Cats Used to Each Other?

The first contact is exciting for everyone involved. The first encounter between the first and second cats can be very different. But no matter whether the cats approach each other hesitantly or one of them takes flight – as long as the cats do not become aggressive and attack each other, one should not intervene in what is happening. It is important that you give both cats enough time to get used to the new situation and to get to know each other.

How long it takes for the cats to get used to each other cannot be said in general terms. Some cats are very happy after just a few days, others take significantly longer to accept each other.


There are many good reasons to get a second cat. Two cats keep each other company and make sure that you don’t get bored easily. It is crucial for the success of a reunion of two cats that the two cats fit together in essence. If you pay attention to age, gender, and temperament when purchasing, the chances of success are very good.

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