Bull Terrier Jaw Strength

The Bull Terrier breed is surrounded by many myths and horror stories that were invented by those who are simply afraid of them. One of the most common myths is the assertion that if a terrier has grabbed onto someone’s arm or leg, it is almost impossible to unclench his jaws. Is it so?


Bull Terrier Bite Force Myths: About 29 Atmospheres

English Bull Terrier

Someone, who is still unknown who, in some unknown way (probably forced the dog to bite a special device), found that the force of compression of the jaws of a bull terrier is equal to 29 atmospheres. Someone describes that the bite force is equal to 50, 100, or more atmospheres. How true this information is, we do not know, but the fact that this dog bites strongly and painfully can be guessed at one glance at its even and white teeth.

About Two Rows of Teeth

The most sophisticated horror stories that went between people at a time when bull terriers were more feared than the devil himself, argued that these dogs have more teeth than a shark. It was also claimed that incisors and molars grow in 2 or even 3 rows.

This, of course, is not true and the structure of the jaw of Bull Terriers is no different from the jaw of any other breed of dog. The fact that today every second representative of the breed has problems with teeth is true.

Interesting! According to the standard, the jaw of Bull Terriers contains 42 teeth.

Dogs trained by their owners for fighting do have a powerful and strong grip. Sometimes it is simply impossible to disengage their jaws, which are holding something. Ordinary ammonia will become a life hack for inexperienced breeders in such situations. Smelling its smell, the animal will loosen its grip and unclench its teeth.

Important! Bull Terriers are cute and completely domestic dogs, which should not be made evil fighters. The consequences of such training can be dire.

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