Can Dogs Eat Honey?

Whether at breakfast or in tea: honey is a very popular food. The ancient Romans and Egyptians already appreciated honey as a sweetener and natural remedy. Many dog lovers, therefore, wonder whether honey is healthy for dogs. We have summarized the most important answers for you.

Can Dogs Have Honey?

Good news for all those with a sweet tooth: honey for dogs is digestible in moderation. In fact, bee honey can be very healthy for your pet if you use the food properly. However, it is not advisable to use too much honey for dogs because the liquid gold has high sugar content. In the case of puppies and dogs with previous illnesses, however, caution is advised, as intolerance and even poisoning can occur.

Effects of Honey on Dogs

Honey is a popular natural remedy and is traditionally used as a home remedy for inflammation and colds. When used correctly, dogs also benefit from the healing properties. The natural product has an antibacterial and antifungal effect.

New Zealand Manuka honey in particular is very effective for dogs.

Especially in the cold season, honey acts like a real vitamin bomb. If it is given for four to six weeks, it can significantly strengthen the immune system. Honey can also be used for wound disinfection and skin diseases. The pathogens are fought, the spread is prevented. The dehydrating effect quickly dries out wounds, accelerates cell division, which stimulates wound healing.

How Much Honey Can Dogs Eat?

Give your dog a maximum of one teaspoon of honey a day. If you have a cold, let your dog lick the sweet liquid straight from a spoon or mix a spoon with the dog food if your pet doesn’t like the taste. Because honey is high in sugar, many dog owners have dental health concerns. Tooth-cleaning chews or a carrot help against this.

Which Honey is Best for Dogs?

Only give your dog untreated natural products that do not contain any additives. The high-quality Manuka honey is particularly healthy, but due to the long transport routes, it is an expensive type of honey. You can also give your dog regional varieties from the beekeeper.

Beware of Puppies and Sick Dogs

In individual cases, honey can be harmful to dogs. In the worst-case scenario, honey poisoning can even lead to death. This is due to the bacterium Clostridium botulinum found in honey, which the intestinal flora of immunocompromised animals is not yet able to fend off.

Puppies or dogs that have weakened immune systems are not allowed to eat honey.

If in doubt, discuss with your veterinarian whether your dog should be given honey or not. If the dog is diabetic or overweight, it is also advisable to clarify with the veterinarian.

Our Recommendation: Dose Honey Carefully

Honey contains valuable vitamins and is a popular home remedy. Due to the high sugar content, you should dose the natural product carefully, otherwise, there is a risk of dental problems or excess sugar. Always ensure that your dog has a balanced, wholesome diet and it is essential that you consult your vet if you have any previous illnesses.

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