Can Dogs Eat Peanuts?

Roasted, salted, or freshly cracked: peanuts are one of the Germans’ favorite snacks. Some dogs are also happy when they catch a tasty nut. Many four-legged friends like to play with the crunchy nuts or chew on the shell. But are dogs allowed to eat peanuts or can they even be harmful to the pet?

Peanuts for Dogs in Brief

Peanuts are a healthy snack for dogs too. They contain a lot of protein and other healthy nutrients. But just like humans, not every dog can tolerate peanuts: The delicious nuts are one of the most common allergy triggers. Other diseases such as epilepsy, heart and kidney problems can also be favored by peanuts.

Peanuts: Dog is Supplied With Healthy Nutrients

Especially in the Christmas season, it is always a celebration to crack a few delicious nuts. Peanut is one of the most popular snacks. No wonder, because it is not only very delicious but also very healthy and rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. These nutritional values make peanuts healthy for dogs:

  • With a protein content of around 25%, peanuts are richer in protein than most other types of nuts.
  • The peanut contains essential fatty acids such as the vital omega-3 fatty acids.
  • The nut contains many vitamins, especially B vitamins and vitamin E.
  • The mineral magnesium is also contained in the nuts.
  • Other minerals contained are iron, phosphorus, and calcium.

Peanut Hazard: Dog May Be Allergic

Even if peanuts have a high nutrient and protein content: Unfortunately, they cannot be fed to four-legged friends without hesitation. Due to the allergy trigger histamine they contain, peanuts can cause severe allergies. This does not only apply to humans but unfortunately also to dogs. Itching, gastrointestinal symptoms, and swelling can indicate a dog’s peanut allergy.

If signs of allergy appear after eating peanuts, see your veterinarian immediately.

What pre-existing conditions are peanuts harmful to dogs?

The peanut is suspected to favor certain pre-existing diseases. These include heart and kidney diseases, but also epilepsy. Although it has not yet been scientifically proven, it is frequently reported that peanuts can cause severe panting and epileptic fits in affected animals. If your dog has any of these pre-existing conditions, under no circumstances give him peanuts.

How Do You Properly Dose Peanuts for Dogs?

Does the four-legged friend have none of the previous illnesses mentioned? Isn’t he generally prone to allergies? For a healthy dog, peanuts are a good snack! However, first carefully test how well it does the animal with just one nut. After all, the allergy may have gone undetected so far. However, dogs shouldn’t eat peanut flips and peanut butter. There are too many additives and saturated fat in it. The calorie density is simply too high.

Our recommendation: Let the dog try peanuts carefully.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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