Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

Eggs are a popular supplementary food for the beloved fur nose. No wonder: In addition to proteins, eggs also contain numerous vitamins and nutrients that contribute to healthy metabolism and ensure a shiny coat. But can dogs eat raw eggs? And is there a difference between egg whites and egg yolks?

Raw Egg for Dogs in a Nutshell

  • Eggs are rich in protein and essential fatty acids and support the dog’s healthy metabolism
  • The nutrients contained in the egg yolk, in particular, ensure a beautiful, shiny coat
  • Eggs should never be fed raw to the dog, as raw protein contains substances that can lead to deficiency symptoms.

Raw Protein Harmful to Dogs

If you want to give your dog eggs, it is important to distinguish between raw and boiled eggs and between egg whites and egg yolks. Because raw egg white contains the proteins avidin and trypsin inhibitors. These substances have a negative impact on the dog’s digestion and bind the enzyme avidin in the dog’s body. As a result, vital nutrients can no longer be absorbed by the body. This can lead to severe deficiency symptoms.

Only Feed Raw Egg Yolks Fresh

Since eggs contain many important nutrients and the yolk ensures a healthy, shiny coat, they are an ideal addition to the dog’s diet. If you decide to feed raw eggs, for example when barfing, you should only give your dog the egg yolk. Make sure that the eggs are fresh to reduce the risk of bacteria and salmonella, and give your furry friend an egg no more than once or twice a week.

Vitamins and Nutrients From Eggs for Dogs

Eggs are very nutritious because they contain a lot of protein and essential fatty acids and amino acids. These support the metabolism and contribute to healthy cell formation. The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K as well as B vitamins are also found in egg yolks. The vitamins and minerals supply the skin and hair as well as the muscles.

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