Can Siberian Huskies Live in Apartments?

Siberian huskies are becoming more and more popular every day. Puppies are brought up in families with small children, taken as companions for teenagers. However, people who want to become owners of these dogs do not always live in large private houses. Most of them are owners of apartments located in high-rise buildings. They have a completely logical question – will a dog like the Siberian Husky be able to feel comfortable on several squares? And most importantly, will not people themselves have problems from such a neighborhood with a dog? Let’s sort this out together.

Husky in the Apartment – a Problem or a Happy Reality?

Of course, it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of whether a sled dog is suitable for housing maintenance. It should be said right away that everything depends only on the owner. Rather, from his efforts to create conditions for comfortable living under one roof of a dog and a person.

Pros and Cons of Living a Husky in an Apartment

The following facts can tip the scales on the side of the decision to take a husky puppy to an apartment:

All “Siberians” are unusually clean. They are used to taking care of their own hygiene and keeping themselves clean and tidy.

All huskies are quite friendly. Do not be afraid that neighbors will write a complaint that a “toothy monster” lives next to them.

From puppies of this breed, subject to good upbringing, obedient pets grow up. Therefore, you will not have to spend a lot of time and effort to calm down the naughty pet.

Huskies do not need a special diet. This is very important for people who do not want to spend a lot of time preparing another homemade meal. The pet will be happy with a portion of quality dry or canned food.

The Siberians are very hospitable. They will gladly welcome any guest. There is simply no need to lock the pet in a separate room.

There is, however, in this “barrel of honey” and a considerable “fly in the ointment”. So, the owners of huskies who live in apartments may start a war with their neighbors due to the fact that the pet is howling very loudly. Yes, all huskies are very vociferous. Even if they do not bark, they strive to start a mournful song as soon as the owner leaves the threshold of the dwelling.

It is also worth remembering that huskies have a fluffy coat, which tends to have a plentiful, no, very plentiful shedding. Even combing your pet is better on the street, otherwise, cleaning can not be avoided.

The most important thing that people who take a husky to an apartment should remember is that their pet is a sled dog. Without the opportunity to knead the bones and have a good frolic, life will not be sweet for them, as well as for their owners. A bored husky is able to smash an apartment to pieces.

How Can You Prevent Problems From Occurring?

The first thing a husky owner should take for granted is that the pet is not a toy. It is not even a decorative Chihuahua, who only needs to walk from one corner of the apartment to another to walk. With a husky, you need to walk on the street every day, taking 2-3 hours of time for this activity.

A pet who is left alone needs to buy toys that could brighten up its pastime. It is also worth taking care that the dog is not hot in summer. The lounger should be placed away from windows, where the direct rays of the sun fall.

What else does a husky who lives in an apartment need? Of course, the attention and care of the owner. After all, without communication with the owner, these extremely human-oriented animals will be miserable.

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