Central Asian Shepherd (Alabai) vs Pitbull

Let’s immediately determine that the pit bull is a fighting dog, and the Alabai is a guard dog. Alabai has a very thick skin that protects him from mechanical damage, but the dogs are very slow and clumsy by nature. Pit bulls are energetic and active, albeit small in size. In a normal situation, a pit bull will easily prevail over an Alabai, but if the second is well-hunted, angry, most likely, he will overcome a nimble pit bull due to his physical strength and mass. With proper fighting education, each of the dogs can become a winner in a fight, regardless of different weight categories.

Alabai vs Pitbull: Comparative Characteristics of the Breeds

The height at the withers of the Alabai is about 70 cm, the weight is from 40 to 60 kg. Dogs do a good job of protection, they perform a large number of functions. Shepherd dogs look bulky, seem clumsy, but in fact, dogs can be dexterous. Sheepdogs are very brave, they are not afraid of any dangers, they are ready to give their lives for the protection of their master. They also feel the mood of their owner well and can be great friends. Dogs are very intelligent, with the right upbringing, they will never attack a person. The dog needs walks and being in nature.

Pit bulls have a strong grip and a very strong jaw. Animals are aggressive, strong, and persistent, only size can let a pit bull down. Dogs perform well in a protective function, the most important thing is not to keep them on a chain. The animal is very intelligent, easily amenable to education, training, loves to play active games. In terms of grooming, the dogs are unpretentious, but you need to spend a lot of time with them on the street. The growth of a pit bull can reach 50 cm, weight up to 30 kg. This is 2 times less than Alabai.

Conclusion: Who is Stronger?

Fighting dogs require special training. Otherwise, if you do not engage in their upbringing and training, animals can splash out their aggression on the owners. To say who is stronger is difficult enough. The Pit Bull is definitely a fighting breed. Dogs aim to fight to the end. Dogs are active, aggressive, and resourceful.

Alabai can take in size, as they will simply crush their opponent. Victory largely depends on who attacks first. Any dog ​​can be trained, strength develops through constant training, the right lifestyle, and nutrition. It is better for large and active dogs to live in houses where there is an opportunity to constantly go out, otherwise, they will be bored at home.

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