Chartreux-Character, Care and Conditions of Detention

Chartreux is a short-haired breed of cat that has been known since medieval France.



Chartreux is one of the most famous French cats. At various times it was also called “the smiling cat of France”, “the monastery cat”, “the cat with the Parisian lid” and even “potatoes on toothpicks.” Chartreux received the last comic nickname for the structure of the body: a dense muscular torso and rather short legs.

All family members are respected, although sometimes they single out one owner. Chartreux cats will not meow heart-rendingly to the whole house, they generally prefer silence. The owners of the breed are especially respected for their calm disposition. Despite this, Chartreux is quite playful, and they are also excellent hunters. Pets of this breed are very independent and independent, they will follow the owner, but always prefer to stay away. Their love is unobtrusive.

By the way, one of the few cats that easily tolerate loneliness, although leaving them alone for a long time is not recommended.

By their nature, Chartreux is not conflicting, they are not useful in a fight first, therefore they easily find a common language with other pets. The main thing in this friendship is respect, which should be shown by all parties. Chartreux are friendly with children, especially kittens, they can play and have fun for a long time. If suddenly the pet gets tired of entertainment, he will calmly step aside.


This cat has a short, dense coat that does not require careful grooming. During the molting period, experts recommend combing the pet two to three times a week to remove the fallen hairs.

Don’t forget to take care of your cat’s eyes and teeth. It is best to teach her to this procedure from childhood.

Conditions of detention

Chartreux is quite a muscular cat, but poor diet and lack of physical activity lead to obesity. Choose food for your pet based on its lifestyle. A balanced diet will help keep the coat shiny and silky.


Like American shorthair cats, Chartreux is prone to being overweight. Therefore, it is better to choose fatty foods from their diet. Cats on a natural diet should not receive food from the table of the owner. Any fats, spices, agriculture, and level of training require a health education school. It is important to prepare food for animals to balance the diet as correctly as possible. Do not offer pork Chartreux and exclude fish. Fish in the diet can cause urolithiasis.

Chartreux should be based on lean meats and poultry. In addition to cat meat, you should eat eggs, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, and greens. Greens are important so that the cat can read the stomach in time from lumps of hair.

An alternative natural anniversary can be a balanced premium feed. They include all the necessary components that require a healthy upbringing. You can use natural food from ready-made food, but do not offer them to animals at the same time. Fresh drinking water should be available at all times.

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