Chicken (15 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

#4 Egg laying in chickens begins in January and lasts until late autumn (molting period).

The Chicken sits down to hatch eggs after laying 20 - 50 eggs. The duration of incubation of eggs is 21 days, but due to climatic characteristics, chickens may appear on days 20 - 23.

#5 To test the ability of the chicken to reproduce, farmers use “pads” – artificial eggs.

After the chicken sits on the simulated egg and does not leave the nest for 1 - 2 days, you can put real eggs under it. The number of eggs in a clutch depends on the size of the bird itself, usually 11 - 15 eggs.

#6 Chicken nests should be separate for each bird so that it is not disturbed by other chickens, animals and humans.

During incubation, the chicken rises from the eggs several times in order to eat. The brood Chicken is afraid to leave its nest for a long time, so bowls of food and drinking water should be kept close to the brooding site.

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