Chicken (15 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

#7 They are fed with special food enriched with trace elements and vitamins.

The Chicken takes care of the chicks until the period when she resumes egg production.

Breeding chickens is common in most countries of the world. Different breeds of chickens are kept on poultry farms and backyards to obtain down and feathers, eggs, meat.

#8 In farming and subsidiary plots, chickens are fed with grain crops: wheat, oats, buckwheat, barley, etc.

Greens and food of animal origin are added to grain feeds. To maintain normal digestion, poultry should be given sand and special chalk or lime additives. When free-range is available for chickens, they independently feed on grass, insects, dig out worms and larvae from the ground.

#9 Keeping chickens in winter. How to feed laying Chickens?

In winter, the chicken needs good lighting. The chicken room must be clean and warm. Chickens are fed in winter with combined and grain feed. Pecking of eggs and a pale scallop in a chicken indicate a lack of vitamins in the poultry diet. For preventive purposes, after wintering, the room is disinfected.

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