Chicken (15 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

#13 Selection is carried out according to the temperament of the bird.

Fighting breeds are Azil, elephant chickens, Yamato. Strong constitution and massive beak in the bird of the Indian fighting breed.

#14 Ornamental birds are bred to decorate the courtyard.

They can have different productivity. For poultry farmers, the main thing is a beautiful plumage and an unusual body shape. There are dwarf species of decorative birds. They were bred from common meat and egg breeds.

#15 The chicken is the most abundant bird in the world.

Wild birds live in the Asian part of Eurasia. Poultry is bred everywhere. Breeders are creating new breeds of birds.

They try not only to improve productivity, but also to increase the immunity of birds. Domestic chickens are very susceptible to infectious diseases.

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