Chihuahua Eyes: Tears

Chihuahuas are cute-looking dogs of compact size. Large and expressive eyes are considered one of the features of their appearance. However, although the physiological structure of the eye sockets makes these dogs especially attractive, there are also problems from it. So, Chihuahuas quite often face injuries, infectious infections, and other pathologies of the organs of vision. One of the frequent complaints with which the owners of representatives of this breed turn to veterinarians is lacrimation in pets.

Chihuahua Tears: Causes of Excessive Tearing

Tears perform quite important functions. They help to moisturize, cleanse and protect the eyeballs. In addition, the lacrimal fluid takes part in the transport of nutrients to the cornea. If the process of lacrimation is disturbed, and there is not enough fluid, then excessive dryness of the cornea develops. It brings soreness, redness of the eyes, and swelling.

However, sometimes it also happens that the dog has too many tears – lacrimation develops. Such a phenomenon can be provoked by such factors:

Diseases. Dogs, as well as humans, can develop cataracts, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and other ophthalmic pathologies.

Turn of the century. In the event that the eyelid turns inward or turns outward, a profuse discharge of tears may develop.

Teething. It manifests itself in the growth process of both deciduous and molar teeth.

Pathologies associated with the ears and eyes. Watery eyes can be caused by rhinitis, infection, or the common cold.

Allergy. In the form of an abundant separation of tears, a reaction to contact with certain substances – allergens, manifests itself.

Water. Contact with contaminated water from water bodies or chlorinated tap water can trigger this reaction.

Blockage of the lacrimal ducts. This problem can be caused by infection, swelling, dust clogging.

Genetic disorder. Some dogs may have a congenital anomaly in the form of too narrow or obstructed tear ducts.

You can recognize the symptoms of an incipient disease by the pet’s restless behavior, red and puffy eyes. If you find such signs of a pet, it is worth showing the doctor. It is impossible to self-medicate in this situation, as it is possible to provoke the development of dangerous consequences.

So that the pet does not face the problem of lacrimation, it is worth paying as much attention to prevention as possible. Such measures should be aimed at preventing the development of infections, viral diseases. We must not forget about dog hygiene.

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