Cockapoo: Everything You Need to Know

The Cockapoo is a breed that has appeared relatively recently. However, it has already become popular in many countries. In the 50s of the twentieth century, breeders decided to develop a new variety of dogs. Excellent health, good looks, and good communication skills were assumed. The parents were a mini poodle and a cocker spaniel.

Already the first puppies were pleased with their kindness, cheerful disposition, and good looks. Almost immediately, a new type spread. Puppies began to breed and sell. The first representatives of cocker poodles did not have the entire set of planned qualities. However, the happy owners have found funny shaggy friends and wonderful companions.

The official club was founded in the 90s. A world standard for the new breed was developed. Breeding of animals during this period already took place in only one way: by the mating of adult cockapoo individuals. These puppies were already considered purebred by right.

Both adults of this breed and babies are very energetic and active. Dogs are well-built, attractive. Their appearance has more in common with poodles than spaniels.

The coat is more often wavy, less often – straight. At the same time, it is quite soft and silky to the touch. The distribution of the coat is uniform. The color is different. The most common options are pets with hair in these shades:

  • snow-white;
  • lactic;
  • beige;
  • pale yellow;
  • brown;
  • the black;
  • silver

And also there are individuals whose wool is colored in 2 or more shades. Many Сockapoo has different colors for their ears and muzzle. Some have spots on the chest, feet, and elsewhere. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by a strong proportional body. The body is stocky, the back is straight. The head is round, the muzzle is not too extended forward, but rather expressive.

The eyes are usually brown, beautiful. The look is lively and interesting. The nose is dark. The ears are fluffy, neat, slightly elongated. They hang symmetrically on the sides of the face, making her expression even cuter.

The limbs are of medium length. Well-developed musculature allows dogs to move quickly, jump, and take part in active games. The tail is rather long. Sometimes it hangs down, but more often it is raised.

Cockapoos are calm, kind, and loyal animals. They become true friends of all family members, find a common language with both kids and adult owners. Dogs are affectionate, sociable, not prone to conflicts. Cocker poodles are great companionship animals.

That is why such a puppy will perfectly take root in a house where there are already pets. He can get along with everyone. And also the dog will accept the new fluffy tenant in a friendly way, even if he has already been in the family for a long time and is used to being the only favorite. He will not be jealous and will calmly react to the division of the master’s attention between all four-legged friends.

Cockapoos are cheerful animals. They love to play and have fun. In addition, furry pets are quite curious. They do not sit still, they are interested in everything that happens around them.

Unsurprisingly, this attitude is contagious. Many owners themselves do not notice how they are distracted from worries and begin to enjoy life with their adorable pets.

Like poodles, this breed is distinguished by its high intelligence. Animals are smart. They easily adapt to circumstances, make decisions quickly, and are well trained. From spaniels, the cockapoo got the qualities of a hunting breed. They have a keen sense of smell, so if desired, the dog can be introduced to such activities. However, before acquiring such a four-legged friend, you should think carefully about your decision.

  • The dog’s energy can become a virtue in a family with children. They will play and have fun together because both are in constant motion. However, if the owner prefers peace, the pet’s activity may turn into a disadvantage. To some, the doggie may even seem too intrusive: after all, he will follow, wanting to take part in all matters, will demand attention.
  • The activity of a cocker poodle can also be manifested by its loud barking bark. It is worth noting that, despite the intelligence and ingenuity, the dog can sometimes bark for no good reason. This point should also be taken into account by those who love silence.
  • The sociability of the representatives of this breed is another serious aspect. Dogs adore people and need affection. If you ignore your pet, it can become sad or even offended. In this case, it will be very difficult to cheer him up.

If you still need a funny and noisy furry friend, this breed is for you. If you are ready not only to take the dog for a walk every day and replenish his bowl with food but to truly love him and surround him with care, the cocker poodle will answer you with devotion and boundless love.

The Cockapoo is unpretentious. He can adapt to any living conditions. It is enough to provide your pet with a small corner because he will not constantly sit there. The dog’s inquisitiveness will not allow him to ignore any event in the house.

Animals of this breed are very active, they are always happy to go for a walk. Nevertheless, the pet does not require too long walks. Two daily walks in the immediate vicinity will be enough. And also it is advisable to devote at least 15 minutes to games with a furry friend.

However, if the owner of the cockapoo noticed that the dog is too fat, it is necessary to take action. In this case, it is worth increasing the walking time, as well as providing the pet with a sufficient level of physical activity (running, jumping).

Miniature dogs can be kept at home. Such cockapoos are accustomed to the home toilet. They are taken out for a walk only in good weather conditions. To keep your pet from getting bored, you can buy various toys for your pet in a specialized store.

In addition to good food and walking, animals also need other care. Representatives of this breed practically do not shed. However, for the convenience of the dog itself and to maintain its neat appearance, it is necessary to comb it every 3 days. This rule also applies to animals with straight hair and curly hair.

A professional haircut is recommended once a year. If the owner does not have the opportunity to take his furry friend to the hairdresser, he can cut the dog himself. To do this, you should master the simple technique of performing the procedure and acquire the appropriate tool.

It is customary to shorten the hairs of an animal by 4–7 centimeters. At the same time, special attention is paid to the areas around the eyes and on the paws. The haircut is carried out with the utmost care. The pet mustn’t twitch in the process of getting rid of excess vegetation.

Cockapoo is odorless. Nevertheless, water treatments are needed. They are held no more than once a month. Otherwise, the animal’s coat will dull and the skin may become dry. At the same time, it is impossible to completely ignore the washing of the dog, because the pet must be clean and tidy. And also it is imperative to carry out regular hygiene procedures for a hairy friend.

  • You should periodically clean your dog’s ears. To do this, use a damp cloth. If this is not done, an inflammatory process may occur.
  • It is important to check your dog’s eyes periodically. They should be gently rinsed once every 2 or 3 weeks. Use boiled water, chamomile decoction, or a special agent intended for this.
  • To exclude the formation of tartar, you need to brush your dog’s teeth 3 times a week. You can buy an animal toothbrush at a local specialty store.
  • Usually, representatives of this breed naturally grind off their claws. If the dog is not too active, it can be sheared. The procedure is carried out a maximum of once a year.

Cockapoo loves to eat deliciously. Therefore, the owner should carefully monitor the pet’s diet so that he does not overeat. The menu should be balanced, and it is also important to observe the regime. You need to remember a few simple rules:

  • putting food in a bowl is worth every day at the same time;
  • you can not pamper the dog with snacks, treat it with treats from your table;
  • it is recommended to give the fluffy pet only special food intended for dogs;
  • additional treats are allowed only for training purposes (this way you can reward the dog for the correct execution of the command, exemplary behavior).

If you do decide to use natural food, lean meat should be the main element of the menu. It can be combined with vegetables, cereals. As for fermented milk products, they should be included in the diet twice a week (not more often). With such a diet, the full development of the animal is impossible without special vitamin complexes.

If the dog is fed with ready-made food from the store, it receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals in the process of using these formulations. In this case, no additional additives are needed.

When choosing food, it is better to pay attention to premium and super-premium products.

Cockapoo is a smart dog. Therefore, training of any complexity will be easy for the owner. Animals learn quickly, learn commands and execute them in a disciplined manner. During training, you need to be firm so that the pet understands that this is not a fun game in which you can do whatever you want.

However, it is important to take into account the subtle mental organization of these animals. They are very sensitive to the intonation of the voice. Therefore, you should not give commands too harsh or rude.

Cockapoos live up to 13, and sometimes up to 15 years. For a pet to be healthy, it must be taken to the veterinarian for a routine examination. And also vaccinations cannot be ignored. Breeders have not been able to maximize the resistance of dogs to disease. Therefore, cockapoo can be susceptible to various ailments. Animals are prone to allergic reactions, epilepsy.

With improper nutrition, a pet can develop problems with the stomach, intestines, and sometimes with the liver. If you do not pay attention to hygiene, the dog can develop dermatitis. Infections can cause hearing and vision problems.

To protect a four-legged friend from possible health problems, you need to take good care of him and feed him properly. In this case, this positive being will give you a lot of love, fun, and joy.

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Written by Alice White

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