Colored Honey from M & M’s

Recently, beekeepers from a French region were in for a surprising surprise – their bees seemed to have gone crazy and started making multi-colored honey.

Beekeepers decided to deal with this strange phenomenon and went to the authorities and biological scientists in order to unravel the strange phenomenon. After all, honey cannot be red, green, or blue.

The explanation of the phenomenon turned out to be impossibly simple – not far from that area there was a factory producing M & M’s sweets and it was from the waste of food dyes that bees produced honey.

The company Mars, which creates these multi-colored sweets, has not yet commented on the situation, beekeepers are racking their brains over what to do with this honey.

It is unlikely that anyone will want this colored honey, so farmers will need to figure out what to do with this flower nectar themselves. Recall that France is the largest supplier and producer of honey, although the number of bees in this world is decreasing.

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