Congratulation! It’s the Ugliest Dog in the World!

The tastes are different – but with some dogs, everyone agrees: These four-legged friends look extraordinary: extraordinarily ugly! This does not detract from their inner beauty: the proud owners find their ugly companions animal lovable. We introduce you to some famous ugly dogs.

The ugliest dog of 2019: Scamp the Tramp


The tongue hangs out crooked, the fur is shaggy and the eyes squint The mixed-breed dog Scamp the Tramp will take home the unflattering award for the ugliest dog in the world in 2019. The ugliest dog in the world is chosen every year at the “World’s Ugliest Dog Contest” in the small town of Petaluma, California. Scamp the Tramps name is not a compliment either: the former street dog is called a scoundrel or vagabond by its owner Yvonne Morones. Thanks to her ugly dog, she can now look forward to the prize money of 1500 dollars, but emphasizes to the local newspaper Press Democrat: “I think the audience saw his good soul.”

The ugliest dog of 2018: Zsa Zsa

Also in 2018 pictures of the ugliest dog in the world made the rounds. On it, you can see Zsa Zsa, who won the election for the ugliest dog with charm and drool. Protruding lower jaw, protruding tongue: At the award ceremony in California, the nine-year-old bulldog lady was impressed with outstanding ugliness. Unfortunately, the world’s ugliest dog died just three weeks after its newfound fame. Mistress Megan Brainard, who named the female after actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, reported that the female died peacefully in her sleep and received a lot of sad news.

The competition in Petaluma, California

Every year a new “ugliest dog” conquers social media channels and news for a few days. The source of this questionable fame is an annual competition held in Petaluma, California. Zsa Zsa is the 30th winner of this competition and her mistress could look forward to a $ 1,500 prize money. But the competition is not a freak show, it wants to show that it is not important that a dog corresponds to the ideal. The main thing is that his heart is in the right place! Because all participating dog lovers love their extraordinary four-legged friends exactly as they are – with all their flaws! One of the other dogs makes the audience smile with his look. But the message of the competition is: You can only see right with the heart!

The ugliest dogs: famous award winners

Would you like to see more characters? We introduce you to three more of the ugliest dogs:

Mastino Napoletano Martha was able to prevail against 13 other four-legged friends in 2017. Her owner was able to save the female who weighs more than 50 kilograms, from a bad position. Formerly blind, Martha can see again thanks to some operations. Martha may seem ugly at first, but at a second glance, she is simply lovable.

Sweepee Rambo

Sweepee Rambo won the competition for the ugliest dog in 2016 at the age of 17. At that time, by the way, he also defeated the later winner Zsa Zsa. Sweepee is a mix of a Chinese Crested Dog and a Chihuahua. He convinced the jury with bristle individual hairs on bare skin and deformed blind eyes. The tongue hanging out to the side rounds off the look. Its owner Jason Wurtz has always been proud of his extraordinary darling, who has accompanied him to work for 15 years. The title and prize money crown a dog’s love that does not bow to any ideal of beauty.


Master Yoda or E.T. – Elwood fans compare the ugly pooch to famous TV aliens. Elwood has voted the ugliest dog back in 2007 and is one of the most famous of the winners. There is also a beautiful story behind his grimaceous head: Its owner saved the four-legged friend in 2005 because Elwood was supposed to be put to sleep. He enjoyed life with her to the full, but unfortunately, Elwood passed away in 2008. He even inspired a children’s book: In Everyone loves Elwood is about accepting others for who they are.

“The most beautiful dog in the world”: King

If you are now wondering whether there will also be an election for the “most beautiful dog in the world”, we have to disappoint you. However, there is a famous annual dog show, the overall winner of which unofficially convinces many as the world’s most beautiful dogs: the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York. The oldest annual dog show has been held since 1877. In the finals, the best of the best of 2,500 dogs compete against each other. The winner receives the title “Best in Show” – and is therefore considered by some to be the most beautiful dog.

The World Dog Show with around 10,000 four-legged participants and the British Crufts are just as important as the Westminster Show. But in these competitions, beauty means above all that the winning dog perfectly meets the standards set by the respective breed. In contrast, the “ugliest dogs” are all about a unique look.

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